Thursday, December 11, 2014

LDS Tokyo Temple

Hello friends!

Today, I wanted to show you what I consider to be one of the most beautiful spots in Japan: the Latter Day Saint Tokyo Temple. The first LDS Temple to open in Asia in 1980, the Tokyo Temple is a short walk from the Hiroo Station (広尾駅) (less than a 5 minute walk). For LDS members, our Temples are sacred, important places, that we believe to be Houses of God where we can be sealed together forever with our families. Being sealed means that we are connected to our families and are able to meet again after death. So Temples are a very big deal for us!

I felt very blessed to go for the first time in five years to an LDS Temple and the Tokyo Temple no less! Temples for me are a place of peace, so regardless of the language barrier, I felt very calm and peaceful going there. In a way, it was rejuvenating. Because of that, I wanted to take and share some pictures of the LDS Tokyo Temple and share them here with all of you! Most are just shots of the Temple and the Temple grounds, but at the bottom before my selfie are two special shots of the Temple in particular. I hope you find a reason to feel joy today!

Special Shots:



Till Next Time!